Playing dress up #1, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood, 2017

Mother, 2016


Mother, 2016


Talc Angels

Digital Photograph, Talc Baby #1, 2016

Digital Photograph, Talc Baby #2, 2016


'Under The Bed', June 2016

My child's clothes dipped in porcelain, displayed in an Antique 'End of Bed' Cabinet, with hinged top & Glass insert. 

As a mother, I have felt a great need to hold onto material things, as memories, particularly those 'first' things, such as clothing, her rotting Navel and hand made cord tie that fell off five days after birth, her new born 'down' from the back of her head taken from her blanket, the first eye lashes that fell upon her cheek, the first cut of her finger nails, first photographs of her doing things for the first time, videos of her eating foods for the first time. This has continued and has become obsessive, I have become afraid of loss, what am I losing? I'm losing my baby. She is becoming independent and that scares me. I'm afraid of her not wanting me, her not loving me, her not needing me. Are these items really a sweet sentiment? or do they display deep anxiety and the fear of loss 



Pregnancy, 2014 - A self portrait

Although I had tried to conceive for 18 months, when I finally became pregnant, I began to suffer from Antenatal Depression, I feared my new life & it's limitations as a Mother Artist, I suffered Nausea until the fifth month of pregnancy and at 14 weeks my beloved dog died.  I documented my pregnancy through self portraits in Photography. 


Short Films

'Conception', 2015
Duration: 2 minutes
Audio: 22 week old Fetus in my womb
Film: November 2013, via Panasonic TZ40 Compact Digital (month of confirmed conception)


Sex In The Garden, 2013

'Sex In The Garden'
Sculpture Series

'Grapeseed', 2013
H 15.5  x W 9.5  x  D 6.5 cm
Sculpting material, Thread, Varnish






Stamen #1, 2013
9 x 4 x 4 inches
Sculpting material, Varnish

Nasturtium Seedling, 2012
8.5 x 3 x 3 inches
Sculpting Material, Varnish

Phoenix Dactylifera, Germinating, 2013
8.5 x 3 x 2 inches
Sculpting Material, Varnish

Life Cycle, Photography 2013 - Present

Life Cycle

Crowning, 2016

Emerging, 2016

Afterbirth, 2016

Phoenix Dactylifera, Series 2016

Physalis Alkekengi, Series

Overdue, 2016

Ripe, 2016

Hybrid, 2016

                                                              Lunaria Annua Series

In Utero, 2016

Life Cycle, Series #1, 2013
Series of 8 black & white photographs
Untitled #1, 2013

Untitled #2, 2013

Life Cycle Series #2
The Birth & Death of a Bumble Bee
2013-ongoing project

Death of a Bee, 2013

All my friends are gone 2013